“Your exciting and fast paced makeup store manager”

Manage your makeup store, buy products from suppliers and display them on your shelves, attract customers to visit you and decorate your store in the best possible way!


SSM Makeup

Quality and price!

Research prices at makeup supplier stores and choose good products to sell in your new store. Renowned brands will open the doors for you to start your venture, manage your finances and pay attention to the flow of customers, all attention to your business!


SSM Makeup

Customization and Aesthetics is the soul of the business!

Customize your avatar and manage your makeup shop up close, view each customer individually and learn how to better sell your makeup! A nice poster, or a new trendy table? go shopping and create your own style, be the most beautiful store in the mall!


SSM MAkeup Store Manager

From bottom to top, build your empire!

Start small, and build your beauty empire, buy more tables, decorations, change the floor, paint the walls and hire staff! The sky is the limit!