“An Iddle Game where you have to arm yourself and evolve in your epic saga!”


Protect the kingdom from the monsters that come to your door and set off on an epic saga! evolve your hero, evolve your weapons, evolve your reign! Become unstoppable against the evil hordes!


Develop your reign to work for you

More gold means more resources to evolve, don’t just spot the best weapon if you can’t pay its price, master the art of gold production and turn your camp into an empire!


Face powerful monsters on your way

With each new level, an enemy worthy awaits you, never rest until the forces of evil are eliminated, improve your weapons, your allies and your kingdom to become the heroes of legends.


New Heroes, New Enemies and New Adventures

Updates don’t stop and you can’t stop either! Collect treasures, complete quests, acquire legendary weapons and destroy terrifying bosses! Nothing will stand in your way!