“Escape the fire that chases you in the kitchen, you are the hero Marshmallow!”


The kitchen is hectic and you need to rescue all the little mashmallows that throw themselves into the flame that consumes everything, let’s see how far you can resist!


Total adrenaline in this race for your life!

The more you run, the more the speed increases and there is no walk back, dodge the fire you find along the way and don’t let them burn you!


Fire is not good for you!

Your casual run will always be ready for a new try, beat your own escape record and enjoy the help of your little friends to get further and further!


Don’t give up, there is always a chance!

If this escape didn’t go well, don’t worry, luck may still smile on you and an extra life may be waiting in one of the chests at the end of the game! Have a good time!