“A 2D Pixel Art Metroidvania about a student in a school nightmare”


The school of your nightmare is back, bigger than ever, children are lost in the cursed rooms of ENEFN, venture inside this Metroidvania full of secrets and collectibles to end this ancient evil.


Master skills, weapons and powers to survive

The school’s hostile environment is more encompassing, launching its tentacles of evil into caves, swamps, buildings, engulfing the city where it was the last time it knew this world.


Extensive system of modifier items

All help will be welcome, every holy or cursed item will make you move forward, there is no good or bad in this world, only survival means something now!


Find the students and get their eyes

Each new soul saved in this world will grant you unique eyeballs, revealing secrets that were unseen before, get more and more powerful to face the school of your nightmare


Platforms: Soon!