“A 2D Pixel Art Metroidvania about a student in a school nightmare”

Venture into ENEFN, a school that spreads its halls like tentacles in its nightmare

ENEFN: neighborhood – Waking up in a strange city, a mysterious school and the streets are no longer as calm as before… peaceful as sleep paralysis..

A fun Metroidvania to play alone

Simple gameplay for new players and new challenges with each new area discovered, new possible destinations for each new skill acquired, conquer the rooms of this horrible dark schoo.

Pretend to be dead to stay alive

Pretend to be dead so that the enemies do not find you. It is important to note that the plot contains disturbing scenes, and may not be suitable for children or people who are easily scared.

Collectibles, Skills and Modifiers

Rescue students from the school, search for Collectibles and build up skills in a Metroidvania-style game filled with secret rooms and challenges across the map.